Like Moth To A Flame

I passed you time and time again and yet you didnt flinch, you just sat there. I dont know if you were looking at me or not but i knew my mouth watered everytime i saw you, I had to have you, I WOULD have you.... All to myself. I planned the heist perfectly the money was on hand. So far so good. I breathe one final sigh and push open the doors. I walk up to the line, I stare at you but i cant seem to hold the gaze so I look away, only to find my gaze drawn back to you.
Minutes go by and im fidgeting. My thought pattern is that of someone who is not really sure. Should i wait??? Should I go back out the door and never look back??? These thoughts swim around my head and I am at a loss as to what to do. But then I look back at you and I know what i must do. Im finally at the head of the line... I gulp and point you out to the clerk...She asks me if im sure....i gulp once more and nod my head in affirmation. I hand over the money and take you with me. Not daring to open your package until we are alone. I return to the confines of my office and finally we are alone. At this moment im at a crossroads. What do i do now???? I pick you up and spin you around looking you over and i like what i see. All of a sudden i see a little tab which says "Pull Here". My eyes light up. I pull the tab ever so slowly, not wanting it to make a sound. I finally get it off and i see what sweet goodness you have awaiting me inside. I take a bit into my mouth and my tongue instantly starts to dance towards the taste. No sooner have i done this that from all over people began to flock to my office like moths to a flame, their hands open wanting a piece. How they found out i know not my sweet but dont worry you have many sisters i will find another...someday......Goodbye New Pack Of Gum



  1. LMao at first i thought u were talking about KFC chicken i was like was i correct to tink he is addicted to it bt man u got me pretty cool thou :D

  2. Lol thanks ren :D glad ya liked ^_^

  3. its never good to bring hookers back to your office late at night, you never know who may be working late


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