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Monday, September 16, 2013

Elysium, I am Disappoint

     So... dat Elysium though??? Yeah, I was hyped at the previews but I was sorely let down. Typically I'm more often than not correct when it comes to judging a movie from the review but this time was a definite let down. I sort of feel almost as bad as how I felt watching Battleship. Only difference is I KNEW battleship was shit before watching it. Lets get on with it then shall we.

Note: This is not actually a review, just a few random thoughts about the movie. That Is All.

Friday, August 2, 2013


     Extraterrestrial life (from the Latin words: extra ["beyond", or "not of"] and terrestris ["of or belonging to Earth"] is defined as life that does not originate from Earth. It is often also referred to as alien life, or simply aliens (or space aliens, to differentiate from other definitions of alien or aliens). These hypothetical forms of life range from simple bacteria-like organisms to beings far more complex than humans. Source(Wiki)

     First and foremost I would like to say, that if you do not believe that aliens exist you're stupid. Yes I said, you're a dumb-ass if there ever was one. I grew up on a healthy diet of movies involving Aliens, and in most of these movies the Aliens or Extra Terrestrials, were not Humanoid [Having a human form]. There were a few exceptions however and this led me to believe there was some truth to the whole thing. Before I get into what's real and what's real, I want to get straight to the point.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Death of Dancehall?

     Since the day that Kartel has been locked up till now, people have been screaming at the top of their voices saying "Free Kartel", "Free up di teacha!" etc. etc. Now I for one don't know whether or not he was in fact guilty of the crime or not and I'm ready to hazard a guess the a majority of those petitioning for his release were privy to such details and thus they were blindly calling for a [un-confirmed at time of writing] criminals release.

For The Freaks

DISCLAIMER: There is a bit of lewd language,  as should be expected considering the title. This disclaimer is only here for show for that matter so carry on I guess.

For The Freaks

At that point and time,
I was too timid to speak my mind,
You asked me what I wanted,
Coyly I said, "To be inside of you"
You knew I wanted more,
Aware of my so called innocent attitude,
You called me out,
"Grow up and say it! No nice shit!
Say it like you want it, make believe it!"
Damn you were right...

Fuck it,
I needed this pussy bad,
Needed to dick you down with my chocolate cocaine,
Make you scream with passion,
Moan in our ecstasy, And cry in the pleasure and pain,

I couldn't say another word I just showed you all my action,
You grabbing on my thick stick,
Devouring my chocolate member whole,
Head game that would put Super head to shame and Amber Cole to sleep,
Shit I'm going out of my mind.

But I took you by surprise,
Tugging on your braids as I hit that fat ass from behind,
"C'mon daddy" you whisper that dirty, nasty, juicy shit in my ear,
I'm spanking you, pounding you,
Leaving scratch marks on your ass cheeks,
"MMMM YES" You screamed out in sheer bliss.

You shower me with you rough kisses,
We're tugging on each others lips.

I flipped you over with no struggle,
Caught that sweet intoxicating aroma of your pussy,
Your pussy taking in my dick like a fat kid at pie eating contest,

Our favourite number 69,
Our legs and thighs intertwined,
Tongue fucking your sweet peach pie,
Multi-tasking by making love to your mind,

Mmmmm were both at our peak,
Probing, Screwing, scratching each other,
Into our CLIMAX!!!
Damn definitely didn't want this to end.
I think we need to try this shit again...

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Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Purge (A Review)

     Hello again to you all who are still here. Yes I haven't posted in a while. Is that going to change? Not any time soon. At least not till my life get sorted out anyway. With that being said and done lets get on with the post then shall we. Today we talk about the movie called "The Purge". Which while good raises a few questions in my little mind up here -taps forehead-.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Death and Suicide

Death and Suicide
Written By: Alwayne

Voices haunt me the voices in my head
I can't seem to stop the razor because it wants me dead
They say the good die first but that seems to be a lie
Unless it means I'm bad because I am still alive
I think I'm going insane I'm living my life too real
But I guess I like the way how this insanity feels
It feels so empowering makes me feel I can do whatever
So I can slice my wrists and not Die, sadly
But I can share the blood with whoever
I know there are others like me
I just know I'm not alone
I have a word of warning though it is for your own good
When I'm in this mode it's best to leave me alone
I seem to attack anyone who gets in my way
Force them to join my cause so they dont live another day
You should know by now the root of my insanity
It is simply my greed, my overdose of reality
You know they say all work and no play makes jack a dull boy
I say all real and no fake can make anyone a kill joy
Meaning they kill for the joy
Big men and women little girls and boys
They become emotional wrecks
Who fly at you for the smallest thing
But enough about them back to the main thing...
The voices were telling me my time on earth was done
But I couldn't leave yet, a life, I needed to take another one
But was it a bit too late
My blood was almost finished
Was it possible to kill someone now
Before my blood fully diminished
I got up off the floor stained and wet with my blood
I felt a bit dizzy but I got through it in my mind alone
I stepped out my front door the road was a mess
Cars moving so fast you see them for only a second or less
I wasn't thinking straight I let my feet guide me
I walked right out into the road with my mind as my IV
I took a life alright of the bitch who made me take mine
She was coincidentally driving with her new man in fine style
She's the one who hit me and my body began to fly
But before I even fell I saw hundreds of people Die
The feeling was ecstatic I watched the pile up with glee
All these people dying were dying just for me
I finally felt love even though of was the sick kind
I didn't really care, caring was the last thing on my mind
As I neared the ground I could clearly see her eyes
staring back at me thinking back on both our lives
But one thought I was thinking she never could have heard
so I did the next best thing as I died I flipped her the bird


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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Satan: Good or Bad (Brain Fart)

     So guys I have another brain fart you all yet again so I suggest you cover your noses. So as usual I had been browsing tumblr when all of a sudden a wild Text Post appeared -cue pokemon battle music-. This post was simple and yet profound at the same time and it was basically as follows:

     If you go to hell for being bad why wouldn't Satan reward you for it why does he make you suffer. Alternatively, if Satan punishes sinners, why isn't he considered good?
     When I read it at first I had a good laugh but then I realized that it made sense. If the devil is as we have deemed him, the ultimate bad guy then it would only be natural to assume that we should be praised for our evil deeds by him. Right? Look at it this way, when we do Good then God is pleased with us. Alternatively the same is true for when we choose to do bad then the devil is pleased. It should be easy to understand then that Doing Bad to please the devil is seen as "Good" in his eyes and Bad in the eyes of God. Easier to understand? With that being said, we should be able to conclude that Hell is extremely irrelevant at least in the way it is currently understood. If hell was to regain its relevancy then it should be described more as the downtown side of Heaven. You guys get what I'm saying??? No??? Its okay either way, brain farts aren't meant to be understood to all that.

This brain fart has been brought to you by Tumblr: Where we laugh at everything.
and by the Number Bye: as in BYE!

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Feliz Día De Las Madres (Happy Mothers Day)

     Mothers day... Let me just say I'm one of those people who doesn't remember all the dates and whatnot that have some festivities throughout the year. So I really don't know when something is coming up until I see it being talked about on a daily basis on the multiple social sites I bless with my presence. With that being said let us move on.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Social Media Slaves

     We have seen the rise and fall of many a different social site since the beginning of the internet, and we will more than likely continue to see the continuation of the process for a good while more. However the rise and fall of these networks is not really the topic of concern today. The topic is how people become slaves to these means of communication.

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Syrup (A Review)

     Hello once again movie fans and movie lovers, I have [what I perceive to be] a wonderful movie for you all. A hint of comedy with a sprinkle of truth that leaves a wonderful after taste in your mind. This movie is the 2013 release dubbed "Syrup". I do hope that I do it justice with this review because was it ever satisfying! Let's go then shall we.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Language of Love

     Hello one and all, and welcome to yet another instalment on the topic of love by yours truly. Although I seriously have to wonder why anyone would take advice on this delicate topic from me. Continuing on nevertheless, lets talk a little bit about love and the ways in which it approaches you.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Iron Man III (A Review)

     Welcome again everyone!!! Today I have another review for you. IRON MAN 3!!! Spoilers may ensue so if you haven't watched it I guess um... Spoiler Alert??? Anyways no long talking lets just get straight into yeah????

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Maniac (A Review)

     Welcome one and all, I'm here again to bring you another Movie Review. First in a while I know but it is what it is. Today's movie is called Maniac and it just so happens to be a remake. I should point out that I have not seen the original version so in the case of comparison I am sadly at a loss. Otherwise lets see how well it did shall we?

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bitch Please

Written By: Brady A. Brown

Bitches on my dick bitches on my dick
I don't want any fucking bitches on my dick
I need a woman a lady in the streets
To come home from work and freak me in the sheets

Fuck a bitch fuck a ho
and just so you know
A bitch is a dog
are you down with that bro?

A bitch may pretty on the outside
but her personality may be ugly and spoilt
Safe to say any which way you fuck her
it'll still be doggy style
Think about it for a second

Yes a dog is said to be man's best friend but in the end
even though on some ends its a trend can you defend sleeping with a dog in your bed

Didn't think so
You think I'm wrong?
Didn't think so

You say you you're a bad bitch
You apparently need training
Bitch sit!
Walk away with you're tail between your legs
You and your, Nicki Minaj mentality
"I'm a bad bitch I'm a I'm a bad bitch"
Makes me sick
Bitch be tripping slippin up
I call you a bitch and you acting up
But put a bad on front and its obviously enough for your mind to accept
Bitch please


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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Dating: Is Sex Important in Relationships?

     Welcome, welcome once again I have a veeeeery short post for you today. Is sex important in relationships????? Not at all... Okay who am I kidding of course it is. Sex should however not be the answer to all your problems. Let sex be the question and Yes be the answer... Lets begin :)



Written By: Jodi-Ann Riley

Sweet ending, O I love thee...
Ridding my blood dry...
Taking my breath into your mouth
And sending me to die.
The passionless pain you cast away
And fill me with your lust...
Sending me six feet underground
Where all I taste is dust.
The sweet taste of seduction...
Bleeding with sweat.
I celebrate this day -
"The anniversary of my death".
Tender hands stroke my skin
Making me gasp and moan.
Such pleasure is endless
And never leaves me alone.
Massaging my tongue to ecstasy...
Boiling my blood with spasms...
Hitting my body till I quake
And blessing me with orgasms.
O death do I love thee!
When will you cease to hide?
I want you always near...
So here's my suicide.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

GUEST POST: Cunnilingus


Written By: Jodi-Ann Riley

Disclaimer: Gaphic Images Follow!

I wake with the feel of the sun caressing my cheeks
Birds chirping to their own tune
Crisp morning air brushing again my skin
Cause goose bumps to come on my skin
I feel something radiating from me the centre of my womanhood
What is this feeling?
Causing soft sweet moans to escape from my lips
I try to gasp for air
But my lungs have taken up more than they could bear
A bead of sweat glides painfully slowly from my forehead to my ear
Gripping these iron bars as if my life may after all depend on it
I begin to quake and shiver
Biting my lip until it bleeds
Not able to hide my orgasmic screams

I thought it was all just a dream
This feeling such bliss
So one day I might have to sit back and reminisc
But then I realize your hand
Your wonderful hand grips my sides
While your tongue discovers and conquers
Exploring my inner contours
Making me beg for more! More! MORE!!!
As I collapse your tongue showing me a tour
Of the land of cunnilingus


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The Perfect Mate...

     Every person alive has their own specifications as to what their perfect mate should be like. Sadly we don't live in a perfect world, it is however Ok to dream is it not? So today as you should have already guessed I'm going to be sharing my ideals when it comes to the topic of "The Perfect Mate".

Monday, April 15, 2013

GUEST POST: Misunderstood

Written By: Britton Wright

I'm sifting through parts of myself 
With the aim of finding the source that fuels this wealth 
Of misconstrued illustrations 
Because its distorting the interpretation 
Of my communication. 
I often give compliments which are in turn 
Wrongfully discerned as disrespect. 
I need to fix this mess 
Because its responsible for many a relationship's degradation. 
Its so elusive,these lucid elucidation. 
Quite frequently the pictures I've painted 
With words are tainted 
And heard as if they'd been submerged 
And stirred in a pool of water 
Which ruins their sense of order. 
Sometimes the fault is the tone of my voice,
Verbal mistakes or a distasteful choice of expressions 
Which leave bitter impressions in their wake. 
Either way,my social life is at stake 
And if I don't take this seriously and start planning,
I'll end up panning my lenses 
Curiously wondering why my friends have all walked away furiously. 
Clarity sometimes betrays me like a ship's crew commits mutiny 
And it causes my train of thoughts a great loss of unity. 
I've gotta do something about this before they read my eulogy 
And it definitely requires more than sitting here staring foolishly. 
It's gonna take a great deal of practice to not suck and become good 
But if that's what it takes I'll just have to do it because I'm sick of being misunderstood.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sorry, Not Sorry

Nicki BEFORE she became Nicki

     Hello one and all whoever you may be. While derping around on teh interwebs, I happened to come across some talk about white people calling black artistes sell-outs, as well as the whole debacle about racism. HipHopFightsBack fought back with an expose on Nicki Minaj and how she has "influenced" music and hip-hop. I thought I should share this knowledge with you all. I shall link you to the original post at the end. So without further ado here's Nicki...

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Cell Phone Saga

     Welcome one and all to yet another post by the awesomeness which is Alwayne. So today I signed into my blogs backpage and saw a couple post from other blogs I follow. One of them came from Mamachel which further led to this link over at IslandVibesMag. So I with my inquisitive self decided to read the post in question and had the need to make my thoughts known. So what say we listen to what the awesome Alwayne has to say? Yes? Ok, lets get right down to it.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Unfinished Conversations

     You ever receive some messages at some of the strangest times? "Hey, What's Up? You Good?" Something along those lines??? You reply saying everything is all good and dandy how are you etc etc.  Person replies they good and shit and them boom conversation done. I hate that shit with a passion.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

GUEST POST: Dear Departed Love

Dear Departed Love
Written By: Ornella Green 

Where hath thy love gone?
Our journey together has come to a climatic halt.
No longer am I rolling around in your bed and resting on your pillows.
Nor are we curled up on my couch
Watching movies that bring out a myriad of emotions

Instead we are stuck in this limbo plane
With no sense of direction
No idea of the path
We are to take and land in our destinies.

We stand still gazing out into the horizon
Forgetting to blink and breath
We stand on opposite sides of the same intersection
Not daring to look at the other

For fear of crumbling to our needs for companionship and love
Fear that it was wrong and we should still be
But the hurt is still on the surface

We dare not to look at our reflections
Lying in the water puddles below our feet
Because we don't want to see
The broken versions of our former selves
Staring back at us


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GUEST POST: Mysteries Revealed

Mysteries Revealed
Written By: Jodi-Ann Riley

Feel this rhythm?
It's booming from my soul
Calling you forth
Into dimensions unknown
Twisted and raveled
Lets think about it
Are you sure you want a peek?
Into something so mysterious..

Friday, February 22, 2013

GUEST POST: Munchies

     Ok, so I happened to be absent from the Open Mic session to be present for the reading of this particular poem. From reading it myself however I definitely know it was an event which I wish now that I had attended. This poem was written and performed by two lovely ladies; Deanna and Brittany. When going solo they both are pretty bad-ass with their word schemes but together they are Beastly! No more talking, I give you "Munchies".

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

GUEST POST: Black Woman

Black Woman
Written By: Britton Wright

Black woman, mi nuh see wah fi stand next to yuh.
African gem, di man dem heart haffi strong fi step to yuh.
Yuh dark brown skin rich and supple like chocolate.
Fimi heart yuh set ablaze wid yuh majestic ways.
Mi coulda speak of yuh essence fi days and it wouldn’t do yuh justice.
Yuh muss be a musket because yuh shot.
Black woman, yuh hotta dan a African Serengeti.

GUEST POST: Sprouting My Wings

Sprouting My Wings
Written By: Jodi-Ann Riley

All this time was I just dreaming
Was our happiness just another of my freaking illusions?
All that time which we spent together all those smiles we shared
Was it a lie?