Brain Fart: New Age.. Classics?

     So...I'm at work right and the radio a beat some tune and mi deh deh a rock my head and thing.. then it hit me... These songs will be classics in a few years for our current generation...

Travelling Ebola

     Very short post today, but I really want to know... So tell me now, you have a plane with someone who has been to Liberia and you ALLOW the plane to land? Furthermore you send this person on their merry way from the hospital?


     Hello guys, as usual I'm here to give you my take another topic. Today we are talking about what's on everyone's mind these days... the dreaded Chik-V which is plaguing the Caribbean currently AND Ebola.

You NEED to have a girl.

     So it has been brought to my attention, that in order to validate my existence as a man, it's imperative that I have a special female in my life ie: Girlfriend, Wifey. . . Wut????????

The Constant Conversationalist

     Hello again guys, short little post today I guess. Apparently I'm just a tad bit too nice for my own good. I find it hard to be rude to people sometimes I suppose.

GUEST POST: 10 Question

     Welcome one and all to another Guest Post [Haven't done one of these in a while]. You've seen his work here before and I'm here to show it to you once more. I give you '10 Question' by Britton Wright

The "Business" Of Love


      So you've just graduated from S.O.H.K. (School Of Hard Knocks) and you've acquired your degree, yadda yadda yadda all that good stuff. So you try to start up your own business, because you want to be an entrepreneur and shit. #OwnBossSwag 'n shit. Happens that you meet a female [I'm a male it's my perspective, deal with it] and she gives you a business proposal [See what I did there??? Proposal? -slaps knee-]. We call this proposal "The Business Of Love".

Things That Make Me Go "Ugggghhh!!!!"

     Hello everyone, your friendly neighbourhood me is back again. Now everyone has things that piss them off and who knows maybe we have a few in common. Today I will be listing a few of the ones that really grind my gears... because well, I love listing things. Deal with it.

Gender Biases?

     Hi, Hello, How you guys doing? So today I'm going to be talking about Gender Biases [as the topic states] However! It is not talking about biases against females. No, not at all, today it will be about Biases targeted at the males. Yes too many times it is believed that females are the only group targeted but I'm here to show you how wrong that thought is.

Guess Who's Back!


     Guess who's back, back again! Brady's back tell a friend (or just women). Yes the great me has returned to your monitors, phone screens etc. Rejoice and be in awe of my presence... or just stop by say hi and what not, that works too I guess.