Extraterrestrial life (from the Latin words: extra ["beyond", or "not of"] and terrestris ["of or belonging to Earth"] is defined as life that does not originate from Earth. It is often also referred to as alien life, or simply aliens (or space aliens, to differentiate from other definitions of alien or aliens). These hypothetical forms of life range from simple bacteria-like organisms to beings far more complex than humans. Source(Wiki)

     First and foremost I would like to say, that if you do not believe that aliens exist you're stupid. Yes I said, you're a dumb-ass if there ever was one. I grew up on a healthy diet of movies involving Aliens, and in most of these movies the Aliens or Extra Terrestrials, were not Humanoid [Having a human form]. There were a few exceptions however and this led me to believe there was some truth to the whole thing. Before I get into what's real and what's real, I want to get straight to the point.
     If you are a religious person and you absolutely do not believe in aliens then you aren't religious enough. The very gods you worship and revere are all beings who are not of this earth. HENCE Alien. With that my point has been made. If you aren't phased please read the Wiki Definition again then come back to this paragraph again until you have seen the folly of your ways.

     Now the point made above was pretty simple and easy to understand so I can move on to the bigger fish. Alien Invasions like we see in the movies and such. You know, the stuff conspiracy theories are built upon. The question many people ask [or they should at least be asking] is have aliens visited the earth before? Will they visit? I am of the belief that the answer to both these question is a resounding Yes. Of course we have been visited before and of course we will be visited again. 

     There are signs in History from many different parts of the world that we've been housing Aliens on our planet for a good while now. From the time man began making records of things that had taken place, we notice many depictions of strange yet familiar humanoid paintings and drawings etc. Take the picture on the left for example. Doesn't it look oddly familiar??? It resembles modern day Space suits does it not? But... this was drawn centuries before man  began to even attempt going into space much less developing these suits. So how could our ancestors have known? They must have seen something in the olden days wearing it right? If you think about it, the fact that these drawings look so much like modern day space suits is something to marvel at. Why? Well that's very simple. We should marvel in the fact that although we are centuries behind these "Aliens" we are moving in the right direction. If these suits are similar it simply means we are in the same technological period now that they were in at the time they made these visits. What I'm getting at is that pretty soon we may be able to engineer something that could be classified as a UFO. Wishful thinking??? Who knows... To Be Continued... One day hopefully.

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