Brain Fart (Short)

"kiss me like you miss me, fuck me like you hate me & when you're fuckin' someone else just fuck her like she aint me damn those words are scary...."

Does this make any sense at all to any one???? :/ 
First its "Fuck me like you hate me" right and in the next line "when youre fuckin someone else just fuck her like she aint me"... how could that be scary in any way???? If when you fuckin the original girl she want you to fuck her like you hate her right, wouldnt it be correct to say when you fucking someone else like she aint you akin to saying fuck her like you love her???? How could you possibly find anything scary in that? O_o. Come on i know im not the only one who get what im saying >.>...... Am I? O_O

Ok Bye. 
This Brain Fart Was Brought To You By .... My brain :)



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