Da AIDS sittn deh... Cure????

So today is December 1st in the year 2011. World AIDS day. Are you tested??? Have you been tested?? Are you GOING to be tested??? Suppose you hear the news that you are positive??? What then???? I shudder to think about it. But this is reality people, AIDS exists and there is nothing we can do about it.

Nothing????? Really??? I actually dont believe that at all. Do you want to know what exactly I believe???? I believe that the cure already exists for it. Yes i said it. A cure exists for AIDS, but not that alone. I think there is a cure in existence right now for all the worlds sicknesses and diseases. You might be thinking, if these cures already exist then why are they not being administered to those in need??? Well its a simple answer... as macka diamond would say its "MONEYO!!!"
  Yes thats right, money, and the government. Think about it long and hard (thats what she said lol) everytime you are sick, you either head to the doctors office, or you go to a pharmacy right? Good. Now suppose they decided that YES we found a cure! lets save the world, what do you think would happen??? Well first of all, people would be cured, but the would no longer make an income. Sure they would make a surplus amount at first because everyone would want the miracle drug to cure them off all their aches and pains. But once thats in the past these doctors, pharmacists, scientist and everyone involved in the process would have no viable source of income. So it all boils down to money. This is all (as we should know) regulated by the government as well. So if you really stop and think about it all, things like the common cold should have been cured years ago. Its the most common sickness in the world which means they have had more than enough time to perfect the "cure". They refuse to however and so we are stuck with medicines that cure us for a time and then we are back to stage one. These medicines all they do is prolong the inevitable. They make you feel like your cured and then once you settle into that feeling it comes right back at you. Forcing you to head straight back to wherever you got said drug. Its almost like you have become addicted to this drug because it gives you this "healthy" feeling. The government is the biggest drug dealer of all time!
     Now im not a smoker and frankly I dont want to be, but ive been around the net more than my fair share of time and ive come across a few videos. I dont remember where ive seen this video but one person was actually cured of cancer by smoking marijuana. You see the irony of this??? The government decides to say "You know what fuck these people! Marijuana is illegal!" So they set out to punish anyone who smokes this healing herb. What does the government do??? They make you have to get a license to BUY this freely available drug from them and them alone. Why is this???? To regulate the flow of the drug, to ensure that they get their money, to ensure that people still have to buy their drugs, to ensure that you remain sick. The government does not care about its people. They seek only to fill their pockets and empty ours.

     If you look at it in perpective almost everything they make illegal is not and everything that should be legl isnt. Such is the way of the world. Such is the life we are forced to live. Who know maybe in the future when they see too many people dying off, or the population is getting too much (although it already is) they will administer these miracle drugs to us. Then when they have no more diseases to cure what do you think they are going to do next???? Yup you guessed it. They will simply bio-engineer some new super disease and we will be back to square one. A never ending cycle. I guess you could say the one good thing (good in some vague sense of the word) is that the population is slightly kept in check due to the lack of a cure, some of us die out. But like they said in the movie "In Time" no one should live if even one has to die. Simply meaning if one person has to die in order for the world to go on then we all should die. We have brought this upon ourselves and we should reap what ever it is what we sow.

In closing I ill leave you with this. If you REALLY want to prove that these cures are present all you really have to do is infect everyone who is of high political standing, everyone in the higher income bracket and everyone of "importance". THEN you will see what im talking about. Money is the loudest language.

So you might as well get tested know your status. I know mine do you know yours????

What are your thoughts??? As usual leave your comments below.



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