People say failure Is not an option with them I can relate
In my life it is my fate it is my creed
Everything I try never seems to turn out right
Somehow along the way there comes a flaw
Somethng that was unperceived something I never saw coming
You maybe be thinking I'm not alone in this
But I know in myself that I am
I've never been good enough to all I'm simply in the way
But I've gotten used to it now
I know I don't fit in
But I really couldnt care less
The popular ones can't accept me
The nerds even reject me
Emo kids can't stand me
I'm just a single unique entity
I've created a group for myself
I know that I fit in now everyone here knows me
Everyone cares
The sad thing though is I'm the only one that's here
So even though I fit in it's nothing big
No one can understand the things that I've been through
No one can really relate to all the things that I want to do
Failure is who I am not by my choice
But by birth
Fate has dealt the hand which I hold in this game called life
I've put my all in the stakes were all high
I lost it all
I don't want your pity
I don't want your sorrow I have regrets yes
But they are mine to cherish to hold
They are the only things I have to show that I have actually lived
They show that even though I was a failure I wasn't a total wreck
People say if they could go back in time they would do things different
But I would do everything the same
Doing it different might make things better
But on the other hand it could make it all worse
So I will live my life on the safe side
Stay being the natural failure that I am




  1. You made my night! Welcome back :) *cue confetti toss and applause*

    I felt like this once upon a time. Didn't know where I fit, who I could relate to... felt like I couldn't do anything right and I was a tragic waste of air ...

    Guess after a while I realized I was being way too hard on myself. IDK I refuse to think ... So now I take each day as it comes(though half the time I have no clue what day it is)

  2. IKR!!! and thanks for the confetti surprise :) Well recieved ^.^

  3. Forgot to turn on the comment subscribe thingy again - such a ditz.

    :D Glad you liked!

  4. DWL!!! i swear your pure jokes!! lol iLike :D


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