Perceptions (Brain Fart)

Reality Check Ahead
Have you ever sat and wondered, What if everything I see is rendered differently in my mind than someone elses??? What i hear, smell, taste and feel are completely different? What if we are all part of some wider experiment???? This thought has piqued my curiosity for quite some time and yet to this day i can find no definitive answer.

Take for example the words we say to each other. You know sometimes youre walking along the road and happen upon a stranger, you tell said person hello or good morning, they dont reply... Most people would say oh these people have no manners or they are just having a bad day. But what IF, the way the words you said were interpreted by them held a completely different meaning to them??? Hello to you could mean "Fuck the hell off" to them. Get what im saying??? The same goes for all the other senses. The main one which i would take to be sight seeing as it is one of the basic forms of identification which we use. Now since we are on the topic of sight, do we all really look alike????? Do we all have two arms two feet, eyes, ears etc??? Are we all symmetrical naturally??? Or is it just the way we chose to see one another????

How I See Me
How You See Me

Hiding behind mental renderings of what we really are. Who is to say the we are all seeing the Homo Sapien beings we claim to be? Do the words we read daily actually mean what we think they mean???? Yes?? No??? How do i know that what im typing right now will give the same meaning to those of you who are reading this right now???? When you comment on this i may get a different meaning from what you type than what you actually mean to say. 'Youhkjb siuyiub oiyhsdh yo  gsjgw <<<< That line of gibberish to me may be some sort of philosophical quote to someone else, the world may never know. Why?? Because of our individual perception of things
Perception IS Reality
Our perceptions make up our individual realities and thus we all see and also experience different things in a different light. In hindsight i suppose just me writing this would be a huge waste of time seeing that you may not get my actually meaning.... Oh well, whats done is done. Welcome to Reality

This brain fart has been brought to you by: Boredom- When there is nothing that can hold your attention.

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  1. DWL Good one but that's so true! The same for accents and languages. Thankx for the reality check.

    ABSOLUTELY LOVE THE MAKE OVER though I almost exited the page cause I thought i ended up in the wrong place. HAHA when you choose the snapshot view you see a whole lot of BOOBAGE!

    P.S. How's my spanish? I really tried hard to get it right with this comment reply!

    1. Your welcome :) and yes the same goes for Accent and Languages
      and if you didnt see alot of boobs then you could be sure you were on the wrong page :p and you spanish was excellent :D


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