The Lost One

I walked into your life
We were happy for a while
But that didn't last very long
The love became stagnant it became spoilt
It was no choice of mine it was all up to you
I swore the day we met anything to make you happy I would do
So I gave you my heart you took it and you broke it
You left me for another guy took his to replace it
But I bore the heartbreak just to see you smile
And I knew that you were happier than you've been in a while
But now heart is burning more than before
I really need you in my life I need you in my core
So I'm searching for you as these words turn to tears
I'm realizing now that losing you was always my deepest fear
You're all I need right now you're all I really want
Your loss has shattered my dreams nightly they haunt
I really don't care what it is you've done I don't care what you you have become
There is still a place inside my heart for you my little lost one




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