Real Men Cry

Let me start by saying that this was actually written as a song, but seeing as i don't plan to embarrass myself singing it due to the fact that i cant sing, I decided to post it as a poem. I THINK its complete now although it should have been a full five minutes thing :) Enjoy

You left me heartbroken you left me in a mess
Tore my life apart ripped my heart out of my chest
Day and night I cried why did you have to go
So many secrets we could have shared so many things you still don't know
You meant the world to me
You were the air I breathe
But now there's no more gravity
And I'm suffocating help me please
I never cheated once you were my one and only
My heart was yours alone girl I loved you solely
The day you walked away I came to say I'm sorry
I never got that chance and for that I'm very sorry
I know I hurt you bad cause I wasn't always around
Girl you were my heartbeat now my heart makes no sound
Hope you can find it in your heart to accept my tear stained letter
Every tear cried was in the hope you found someone better
There will always be a space for you in my heart
No matter what you do or how far we grow apart
Now I only have one thing left to say this is something that I wished I had told you every single day
This is from my heart this is the absolute truth
You are still the one for me and I still have love for you
I hope you understand
I just wanted to be your man
But I guess I'm just not man enough
I made my final stand
Sorry, that I wasn't the one, the one that was meant to hold your hand
I love you girl after all the hurt yeah I still do
I gave up on my life just to settle down with you
I was right and at the same time I was wrong
Said you loved me but you were loving some other guy all along
You played me girl yeah you played me like a game
Now my life without you in it will never be the same
I was whole with you and now I'm broken
I leave ma heart in your hands as a parting token
Throw it out but use it first that's what I'm hopin
Cause I got no use for it in the place that  I'm going
Give it a home let it the feel the love
Speak to it like your praying to the father up above
I know you may not care about me and my problems anymore
Just know the love I had for you cannot be bought at any store
You were my heartbeat you were my life source
Losing you put me on a downward course
My spirit no longer up cause my heart is going down
Babygirl you took my smile made it into a frown
You broke ma heart girl and now ma world is damned
I just wish that you'd have given me one more chance
Thought I was over you but you know how I lie
Thought you moved on so you know how much I cried
So I procrastinated said tomorrow I'd try
To stop shedding these tears but it's easier to die
Girl you were my wings so I believed I could fly
I stopped being social now they say I too shy
The don't understand how I'm torn up inside
Cause I had to watch you walk away the love of my life
I gave you my all cause I thought that you gave your all to me
I loved you baby girl really and truly
But I guess I never knew you like I thought I really knew you
And now I know you never knew me like I thought you really knew me
It's been two weeks and already you got a new man
It makes me wonder what exactly was your plan
Was I a pawn that could just be tossed in the long run
Guess what baby I think you finally won
To see a grown man cry must make you feel like you've accomplished
To see me break down must have been your one wish
I bet you feeling like a queen now
Go on enjoy yourself I'll just keep my head down
They always said listen to your heart and I thought it was lame
But when I listened to mine it called your name



  1. Loooveeee this one, has a really good flow to it. *Chants* 'sing, sing, sing, you better sing this one for meh!'

  2. Noooooo lol this shall remain unsung *locks lips dash whe key*


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