Tales of the socially ignorant

     So what does being social mean to me? Basically logging onto to my favorite game and questing with random people o may or not ever meet face to face in my lifetime. So far this has worked for me to an extent. However I have found that its effect slowly but surely has begun to wane and now I find myself trying to relearn years of knowledge as it comes to world of the young and social (damn I sound so old right now ). 

     So basically I think I'm trying to cease in my perpetuation of the notion that I can wallow in my little area of space and call it living. Sure I will still be an introverted wreck but at least I'll try to put my self "out there" more right? I just need to find a place to start at I guess and that first step is what I believe is the most important. Heck even that we'll know  saying says the same thing in fewer words though. " 

     The journey of a thousand miles begins with that first step". Anyway I feel like  just rambling on about inconsequential things right now so I guess I'll end this rather short post here? So bye for now. 



  1. Well I love giving my opinion lol. Glad you enjoyed it!


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