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     Hey guys, its your friendly neighborhood me. I'm here to speak on yet another random topic. However there is one really key difference in this blog post. Its actually not a rant about anything or how this or that sucks or whatever, no... this is about making a difference. Something that is or rather wasn't apparent to me until just recently. Now I'm your typical nobody. I get up in the morning, survive the day, go back to sleep. Wash Rinse and repeat that cycle in that order. So what changed? Well ... nothing... and at the same time, everything if you think about it. I have inadvertently changed something, by doing the same thing.

     Now we all know the famous quote by this one famous long dead person whose name currently eludes me. It goes like this: "Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a change". Semantics aside that is how it goes. What if I told you that in this case it wasn't so? OK so I had this epiphany, no matter what it is you do throughout your life on a daily basis, you alter something or someone. Think about it for a second with me ok. Take for instance you go in an elevator. You do this everyday but today of all days you hear someone shouting at you to hold the door for them. You don't know who it is it doesn't take anything from you to do it so what do you do? You do it. Unbeknownst to you, you just helped that person get a job. In this way a domino effect is created. That person got their job, they can pay their bills. See where I'm going with this? Your actions no matter how small they may seem to you at the time, cause a rippling effect. The repercussions continue to extend outwards from you.

     Now think about this (I promise it will make sense, just stick with me). If you are creating a ripple everyone is creating their own as well right? Lets go back to this guy you helped. He got the job of course but because of that some other guy is feeling down because he didn't get it. Ripple! See?? Now back to this whole ripple thing. Imagine a pond on a still day, the water is completely still as well, not a single blemish on its smooth surface. Now imagine throwing a pebble in the middle of it. Did you throw the pebble? See the ripples? Now throw another pebble. It created its own ripples. Here's the really interesting part. When the ripples created from that first pebble collide with the ripples from the second another set of ripples is formed!

     This cycle is essentially causing a change somewhere. This change may not be immediately evident but it is occurring nonetheless. Now imagine this on a wider scale. Imagine the pebble is you. Imagine the world is the pond. You don't have to do anything at all but interact with the world. Your small interaction could change someone's life, and that someone will change someone else's. This overall WILL change the world. So that wall of text you just read boils down to these last few sentences. No matter what may be happening in your life right now, you can make a change. No matter what obstacles may come your way, you can change them. So don't let the struggles bring you down. You just continue to  wake up, survive, and go back to sleep.

Change someone's life. Be the change, change the world.

Well if you've made it this far wow! Thanks for reading.


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