I have no time for your Vagenda

     So your boy has a little problem and I know for a fact I'm not the only one who faces it so lets have a little chat shall we? Why is it that people who have vagina's (women) believe it is their birthright to stake claims upon the money people without vagina's (men) work to gain? I know I will probably (most likely) get a lot of backlash and/or criticism for this but honestly I don't care really. I'm sticking to my point

     So lets begin. I'm sitting in the bus that takes us from work with a few coworkers and one of them calls someone and requests some credit right. As a reference I work in a predominately female department. IE: I'm one of very very few males there. So it should be of no surprise that this topic would arise. So back to the matter at hand, she requests the credit and seconds later she receives more than she asked for. I don't remember what exactly was said but I do remember saying that I was that one guy that doesn't really send credit. Who told me to open Pandora's box?
     The five of them immediately proceeded to try and rip me apart. Claiming that a "Mean Man". So being the person that I am I decided to stand my ground and listen to what these women had to say and have words with them trying to show them my views.

     Now let me clear the air first of with the point that I'm in no way saying a man shouldn't give a woman money. No not all, I'm all for it, BUT!!! Not every woman should get money from a man. OK so they asked me basically if I would send credit to a female and I point blank said no, they weren't amused. Then they made specifications about if I would send money to a female friend. I said yes, within reason. They were slightly sated. Would I send credit to MY woman? Yes damn straight I would. She MY woman. Here's where I got upset now, I flipped the script. I posed the question "What if I was to ask YOU (as a woman) to send me (A man ) credit. "No no no woman nuh fi send man credit, its the mans job to send the woman credit". A wonder if you guys SEE wha mi just type!? Read it again fi mi deh PLEASE!!! "It is a mans JOB to send woman credit" .You know what double standards are? I have just schooled you with that information. So i made another query (cause you know I love to know shit) I asked "What if one day you come to me and ask me for some chi ching and I don't have any to give you?" Oh that's okay... they said. So i asked another; "What if you come to me the day after and I don't have any money to give you? Or the day after that?" This answer is interesting! I was told that makes me a mean man!

     Now I don't think you guys are grasping the reality of whats going on here. So let me break it down for you. I. Don't. Have. ANY. Money. To. Give/Lend. You! Zeen that's what I said. Thus I am mean for not having money? And yet they would find it hard to give me money when I don't have because its not a woman's JOB to give a man money???? Help me find the logic in that?

Me trying to figure out where females get their logic from.

"It is a mans JOB to give woman money"

     So you know being that guy I had to posit yet another question. If the problem is that I cant give you money, why don't YOU have any money of your own? You know what I was told? My money a my money nuh worry bout that!| Completely failing to answer my question and dodging it in the same instance. Why should we both be working and yet I must always be buying you credit? Why cant you buy credit yourself? The age old answer surfaces. My money is my money your money is your and mine. Really?

     I mean me and you aren't in a relationship and yet you feel as if I owe you MY money? If I was supposed to bow to your whim daily I would be working for no reason basically. I'm getting nothing in return and you're getting money for being born with a vagina. When I don't up and give you money you decide that I'm not a man? So according to you the being a dumb-ass girl clown is the true meaning of manliness. I'll pass thank you very much. Why don't YOU go and work your OWN money? Or would you not be a woman in that respect? I would even go as far as to say if you're willing to do what you want me to do in the same way I would be more than happy to give you my money. Hell this is the reason I hardly even lend money any more and one of the reasons I believe I'm currently single but you know what. It is what it is. But learn this if I say I have no money to spare I HAVE NO MONEY TO SPARE! If I can LEND you money sure but you can be damn sure I'm not GIVING you money unless we deh and as the previous sentence clarifies, mi nuh deh wid nobody! Done talk!

Side note:
               Vagenda: Vaginal Agenda


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