The Open Book Concept

     Hello one and all. Did you all miss me?? Doubt it but I can dream cant I? Anyway I have a nice little post in store for you today. I was at an Open Mic session some distant Tuesday ago [I do miss those days honestly] and I as usual arrived early... but later than usual. Upon arrival I immediately weaseled my way into an ongoing discussion. The topic on hand is what we shall be discussing today. Very short post incoming.

     Everyone is in the eyes of a stranger an open book, but.... what exactly does that mean? Well basically when you first meet someone you are free to make them out to be anyone you want them to be. I guess if I were to rephrase it I would have to say that strangers are in relation to literary material, notebooks waiting to be filled. That definition would be closer in comparison to the initial one. The main point however still stands. So what this means is that once you make initial contact you start filling that book with the knowledge you have gained from that first utterance you both make with each other. You could also interpret this as you speaking to this stranger, and as you become friends details about them are revealed to you. In essence you can never truly know someone until you have interacted with them.

So... have you read any good books lately???


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