Societies Status Quo

     Why is it that we as men are always downplayed as being in it to just hit it and quit it? Why are we always shown to only want to get into a woman's pants as a sign of conquest? Does no one realize that to constantly broadcast this stereotype is to continue to perpetuate it in the minds of the generations to follow?

     I’ve noticed that when complaining about “nice guys” the desires of the “nice guy” is always reduced to sex, whereas I think that most of these “nice guys stuck in the friend zone” are after everything that a relationship offers- the love, the sex, the affirmation, the humor, the pleasure of mutual support and care.
     What men are actually told by society is that they have to perform to be worthy of love, and that the magnitude of their performance is correlated to their worthiness. It’s a completely different message from what women get, which is that they have intrinsic worth. Every time you see a story in which the guy gets the girl, it’s because he just weathered adversity to prove his worth. And it’s never just about sex- it’s about romantic love. 
     What this is basically saying is that women are worth more on the grander scale of things than men will ever be which is why we as men MUST strive and fight to acquire them. Funny enough when the guy goes out of his way to try and give you all these things you push him away and then revert to stereotyping the whole gender. Then start asking the age old question "Why cant I find a nice guy?" This needs to stop. Yes I'm partially speaking from a personal perspective but regardless of that fact, this is irrefutable. 

The Takeaway

     I think that when heterosexual men’s desire to pursue relationships is reduced to mere carnality, that’s every bit as offensive as saying that women only exist to satisfy men sexually. They are both acts of ignoring the humanity of the person in question.


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