The Revolution Will not be Televised...

   Hello readers, now I am generally not one to speak on these topics but enough is enough man. The white cops are taking too many lives now and it has gone far beyond control. How can you justify the killing of a man you had pinned on the ground, who wasn't resisting. HOW?

     It has been stated and Immortalized by the late great Tupac; "I ain't a killa but don't push me". These racist ingrates are going to get their comeuppance and it will be a gruesome but beautiful undertaking. We we're once docile and weak but now we are strong and we wont take this lightly. You white supremacists obviously think you have us trained like some tame animals but quick question... Have you ever seen animal pushed to a certain point that you were positive wouldn't strike back? Think about that for a second. Everyone living creature has a breaking point and the black race is quickly approaching that point with EVERY murder you guys commit. So the uprising will be coming so mark my words! In the span of two days we see four murders which could have EASILY been avoided. EASILY! You approach a man selling CD's pin him down then you tell him to get down on the ground? In which reality does that make any sense. Then to make matter worse you shoot him not once but multiple times? Icing on the cake? You leave his body there like he was roadkill that you couldn't bother to deal with? You are the worst kind of filth imaginable! If I was to draw for a comparison you all would be comparable to a cum shot that your mothers should have swallowed. Waste of air and resources. Then you go ahead and try to justify yourselves claiming self defense. 
     Funny story though, these cops will not be indicted. The wont go to court, they wont face ANY consequences for their actions. They'll go home to their families eat their dinners and all will be merry. The irony of this situation is that if the roles were reversed we not hear the end of it. A black officer shooting a white civilian without motive would face immediate disciplinary actions. Kicked out of the force most likely. Go to court, get lifetime imprisonment, with hard labor, probably even the death sentence. Yet white america claims to be the land of the free. Land of justice. 
     Have you guys seen the purge? You most likely have. The way I see it, america (wont even justify giving you capitalization) is going the a practice session with us. Basically they are getting the country accustomed to this senseless, mindless killing. Rebirth of the KKK? Most likely so I say there should be a rebirth to the Black Panthers Movement. 


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