The "Mean Man" Struggle

     So couple days ago, I found out I'm... mean? Yes I have known this for a while now I don't dispute that fact. It's true but today was actually the first time that I heard from a set of people that matter just a bit.
     So there I was at a youth thing at church yeah? The subject of dating was broached and addressed and all that jazz. Get it? Good. So anyway questions were asked and things were said and eventually as it usually does, money came up. Now I am THAT GUY that will spend on a girl if she's MY girl. Whether or not I have that money to spend is also a factor. However if you and I are not in any "Relationship" I honestly cannot fathom why females think it is our duty to fund their every whim. follow me for a second here. Now although this may be repetitive of me I have to speak my mind because I am honestly sick of hearing it. I am NOT mean for wanting to have my money to myself. I worked for that shit so that I could spend it how I feel to spend it! Now yes of course you can be generous and LEND someone some money but you expect to get it back right? I am one of the nicest people you will EVER meet if I do have the money to lend you then you're damn sure I will lend you! BUT... I expect to get it back. Now a female will see you and ask for a loan but in her mind loan means shes making a withdrawal from a bank with no need to pay it back. So I lend you once and all is fine and dandy but you don't pay men back... we gonna have a problem. Or maybe I just chalk it up as a life lesson. Next time you come to me to borrow money I will conveniently not have it. Why? Because I cant trust you to pay me back. What I don't have plans for my own money?.

     Okay I have an actual scenario to enlighten you all on. Have you all ever heard of a social network named Tagged? Well if you haven't now you have. Anyway I've had an account [or two....] on it for some time now and every now and then I will log in and see whats happening [not much really might soon delete honestly]. Anyway there I was using the match app they have and I matched with this chick yeah. So I sent her a friend request. Many weeks later she still hasn't accepted the request but she messages me

Vanessa W from Knockpatrick 25 Years Old. Im not sure if those are her actual details because social media anyway here's the convo or most of it anyway.

V: Hi
Me: Hi, How are you doing 
V: Im gud u. (I already see some warning signs with her grammar)
V: Were in vill u from
Me: Im alright, currently living around Knowles Crescent. You?
V: Ok kl (Have I ever told you how much I hate when people type this way?)
V: I live in knock Patrick
V: Ur cute
V: (Smiley face with heart eyes)
V: Is it possible to see you today r nah
V: R u shy
[Best Part now]
V: Can u help me renew my plan its almost up n i need to talk to u hun pleas
At least she said pleas right?
Me: No not today have some things to get done. As for renewing you plan I cant right now
V: Y not now?
V: Just 100
V: U seems mean
Me: [Explains self]
V: U don't have any credit to buy one credit or jocking
V: Wat kinda man  r u?
Me: So because I just happen to not have any money at the moment you begin to question my masculinity?
V: Send me 50
V: So i can get it later then?
Me: No because you're being childish about the whole situation. You remind me of all the other girls I've seen on here. Sure you look good but if nothing else you just want someone to top you up and I'm not that guy.
V: Come suck my pussy gay boy
Me: Honestly I did not have any money right now and that's the truth. When I got it sure I could have and probably would have given you the credit. But you messed it up. And instead of seeing how wrong you were and trying to at least act nice you just continue to insult me. So I'm done here
     For the record that's exactly what she typed letter for letter. Now can you see whats wrong here? I tell this girl I dont have any money to buy her any credit at the moment (which is true) and she immediately starts to ask me what kind of man I am? Apparently shes used to getting what she wants when she wants. But as I told her... I am NOT that guy. Apparently it is my duty to ensure I always have money on me so that at a moments notice if some random girl comes asking I can provide her with some funding regardless of whether I know her or not. SHE. DID.NOT.EVEN. TRY.TO.GET.TO.KNOW.ME! Yet has the nerve! THE AUDACITY! To come step to me about credit. Is that the go to "flirt" for women nowadays? Buy me a credit? If so be the case I'm going to remain a bachelor for the rest of my damned life! Oh I should show you who she is shouldn't I? Its only right... right? Is that her real face? I don't know. Is it even really a girl? I don't bloody know but I don't care at this point. Meet Vanessa

     Safe to say Im done lending money and the second I hear nobody ask me for credit when we JUST start talking is an immediate cut off for you! You cant expect me to always have it yet the first you do every time you talk to someone is ask them for that which you cant provide for your damn self. Have little respect for your dumb ass. Fuck out of here with that bullshit. I'm done.


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