Iron Man III (A Review)

     Welcome again everyone!!! Today I have another review for you. IRON MAN 3!!! Spoilers may ensue so if you haven't watched it I guess um... Spoiler Alert??? Anyways no long talking lets just get straight into yeah????

   First of all, Pepper is a BOSS!!!! Took out that dude with extreme prejudice. Did I mention she was "Hot". So anyway Iron Man 3 gave us a very small glimpse of something that took place in the recent past when Tony was, well Tony. That short little glimpse paved the way for the whole movie in its own right. Fast forward to the present day, we see that Iron Man 3 really, in essence picks up right where Avengers left off [We didn't see Bruce Banner sadly... or DID we?]. Tony experiences anxiety attacks due to his close experience with death in the Avengers and as such has built himself an army of Iron Man Suits [More on that in a little bit]. So the main villain in this third instalment calls himself "Mandarin". He basically makes people hot and orange and then go Boom. Which is funny seeing that mandarin is an Orange coloured citrus fruit. Any way, turns out that Mandarin isn't who they think he is. He's actually a guy Stark had met sometime in the past and stood up. To summarize it all I guess you can just say Mandarin wanted to rule the world as do all villains I presume.


     Onto the fun stuff. You should know by now that when Marvel makes a movie they MAKE a movie!!! The "Boom" factor was definitely there, CGI on point as always. Dialogue was perfect, and RDJ was as witty as you would expect. Also you know that a Marvel movie would not be complete without a Cameo appearance of Stan "The Man" Lee. Seriously if you don't know who this guy is you shouldn't even be watching a Marvel movie. Its unheard of. Anyway, it's safe to say that the movie was of epic proportions. I personally enjoyed seeing Pepper in the Iron Man suit, even though it was too far short lived. So how do I rate Iron Man 3? Gets a solid 9.5/10 from me.

Everything Else

     Remember how I said "More on the suit in a little bit"? well now is that time. Now there was one part in the movie where I was like "WHUT?!" and then this song came to mind:

     Yes you got that right! Tony was like "Jarvis, You know what to do." and then Jarvis was like "House Party Protocol?" Shit got real!!!! This was like the last twenty minutes of the movie or somewhere thereabouts. After all was said and done, the good guys prevailed as usual. But then sadness ensued when he initiated the "Clean Slate" protocol. Boom went all the suits... Then we see Tony on a table... they gassed him... and we see them removing the shrapnel from his chest... [You know the shit from the first movie that made him get the implant thingy(Mini Arc Reactor)???] Yeah they took it out... THEN we see him at the location of his destroyed house Tossing the Arc reactor away.... Which got me wondering... does this mean the end of Iron Man??? Then I was like... naaaaah they cant end it yet. I mean if that's the end of Iron Man then he wouldn't be in the Upcoming Avengers movie right?? He HAS to be in there so that's that.

     There is one more thing you must ALWAYS expect from Marvel movies... it's the after credits scene which usually gives you a glimpse of things to come. The one following the Iron Man 3 credits was not really like that which had me thinking yet again. Basically this scene showed Tony talking to Bruce Banner [He's the Hulk for you people who aren't following] as if he was a psychiatrist. Mr Banner however was sleeping though it. Stark noticed, wakes him up and Banner was like "I don't have the temperament for this", Stark starts talking again, Banner nods off, and scene. Leaves us guessing. So that is my review and spoiler session in a nutshell. See you all next time


     So I was on Tumblr as I am wont to be and I happened upon a post that caught my fancy so I just had to share with you all. The main reason why Iron Man 3 was so overly sarcastic and filled with one liners, despite its dark tone was because tony was literally narrating what happened. He was telling the story the whole time WE WERE WATCHING HIM TELL IT and Bruce wasn't even listening HE FELL ASLEEP! Mind Blown Yet??? Bye :D

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  1. Most will be pissed by what happens at the end, but for me, I was just happy to get ready and fired-up for this summer. Good review Alwayne.

    1. Its because of what happened at the end that the score wasnt a full 10/10 for me lol. But you're correct though, good movie to start the summer right. Thanks much :D


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