Language of Love

     Hello one and all, and welcome to yet another instalment on the topic of love by yours truly. Although I seriously have to wonder why anyone would take advice on this delicate topic from me. Continuing on nevertheless, lets talk a little bit about love and the ways in which it approaches you.
     Love can be described in three distinct ways: A Comma, A Question Mark, an Exclamation Sign, Semi Colon or Full Stop. I haven't lost you yet have I? Good. Now for all you English nuts and majors, I'm simply guessing that you've already come up with some sot of synopsis as to where I'm going with this; If so Kudos to you, other wise continue reading.
     So as I said, it comes at you as either a Comma, Question Mark, an Explanation Mark, Semi Colon or Full Stop, but what exactly does that mean? Well fret not I shan't leave you in the dark, allow me to explain it a bit.

Comma (,)

     So what is a comma? A comma is a punctuation mark (,) indicating a pause between parts of a sentence. It is also used to separate items in a list and to mark the place. Armed with that description allow me to explain. As stated, a comma indicates a pause, and seeing that we are talking about Love in this instance we can safely deduce that this means that Love with all the ups and downs tends to stop at some point to "Catch its Breath". It is in these instances where you tend to see couples come to the conclusion that they need to take some "Time Apart" or "See Other People" hence the Relationship comes to a pause.

Question Mark (?)

     I assume that by now [If you hadn't already] you've caught on to the gist of things. However for those of you aren't as adept as the others, I'm a good guy so I'll continue to explain the rest. You've seen the comma lets move on to the Question Mark. What is it? A Question Mark is used to express doubt or uncertainty about something. So again, placing it into the context of Love, we can easily see that means you're doubtful in your relationship. Or something just doesn't sit well with you as it is in its current standings. When there is a Question Mark over your relationship, there tends to be signs of Cheating and secretive behaviour.

Exclamation Mark (!)

     Continuing on with my class, we happen upon the Exclamation Mark. As usual I'll throw a little description your way. An exclamation mark is a punctuation mark (!) indicating an exclamation, surprise, shock etc. As you should easily be able to understand, this one is very simple. An exclamation as the description leads us to believe would best be described [in this context] as a relationship that was never planned or sought after; Rather it's one that you happen to find yourself in due to unforeseen consequence or through the work of some higher power, very welcome circumstances.

Semi Colon (;)

     Not many people are overly familiar with, or fond of for that matter, the Semi Colon. Typically due to the fact that they are unaware of how to use it properly. So what exactly is a Semi Colon? The semicolon (;) is a punctuation mark with several uses. The Italian printer Aldus Manutius the Elder established the practice of using the semicolon to separate words of opposed meaning and to indicate interdependent statements. But that's not good enough to be used in the context that I'm aiming for. So a simpler much easier to understand meaning that can be applied therefore would be as follows: A Semicolon represents a sentence which could have ended but didn't. That's much easier to digest isn't it? So basically this represents a relationship which could have ended due to certain circumstances, but both parties involved however, persevered and made it work thus continuing.

Full Stop (.)

     Everyone and their grandmother should know what a Full Stop is and what it does. However, being the awesome person I am, and knowing not everyone has all their screws up top I'll keep to tradition and give you a definition. A Full Stop or a Period is a punctuation mark (.) placed at the end of a declarative sentence to indicate a full stop or after abbreviations. I really hope I don't have to say much on this one for you to understand. A Full Stop as it relates to relationships is basically just as the definition states, it is the point in which two people declare and end to their love for good, hence Full [Complete] Stop [End].

     So with all that being said and done, you can now safely say that you have been fully educated on the language of Love. I bid you all farewell.

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