Syrup (A Review)

     Hello once again movie fans and movie lovers, I have [what I perceive to be] a wonderful movie for you all. A hint of comedy with a sprinkle of truth that leaves a wonderful after taste in your mind. This movie is the 2013 release dubbed "Syrup". I do hope that I do it justice with this review because was it ever satisfying! Let's go then shall we.

     So Syrup starts out with a scene where a guy [Scat] is trying to make some money to pay his rent. My first thought when I saw him was "hey this guy has just left school, and the economy has dealt him a short stick". Basically me, thus I'm immediately intrigued. His initial idea wasn't very profitable so he came up with other means to make some cash. Here we meet our good friend Six [Yes that's what she's called]. Now Six is a character you love and hate equally at thee same time or maybe that's just me, you decide. What she does basically is improve upon ideas and make them more marketable and profitable. Scat has just come up with a brilliant idea and does whatever it takes to get help from Six, she however "Fukks" him over lol [You'll get the joke when you watch the movie] and ends up basically handing this idea over to Scats roommate [His name is Sneaky Pete by the way].
     Movie stuff ensue and other things take place. Scat ends up coming up with two new beverages called Average Kok and Celebrity Kok to rival Fukk which works out but "Fukks" him over in the end. Even at the end of all this he never did find out what Six's real name was, which pisses me off since I want to know as well. Anyway that's the movie in a nutshell.

     So this movie is in its simplest form just one big pun. Everything has some alternate meaning which I thoroughly enjoyed. Apart from that however it does teach a few good life lessons. One of which is, if you you have a good business idea or just some way of making money, make sure you take the appropriate measures to ensure that it cant be stolen from you. IE: Tell NO ONE! At least until you've worked everything out. Also this movie tries to show you how much of marketing is really a big lie. Everyone should have known this but the fact is cemented a bit more after watching. The final thing Id like to point out which I've taken from this is the fact that in the world we live in, Image is everything. You are your own brand and you have to have a good image to find good buyers.

     Oh I almost forgot, this is a review right? So I have to give you my Personal rating for this. I rate it at a Solid 8/10 because I can and because Syrup deserves it. Don't believe me go watch it for yourself. Until you watch it however, have a trailer:

     With that out of the way I may now recede into my shell until something else comes up which I would like to share with the class.... Soo... Bye?

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