Social Media Slaves

     We have seen the rise and fall of many a different social site since the beginning of the internet, and we will more than likely continue to see the continuation of the process for a good while more. However the rise and fall of these networks is not really the topic of concern today. The topic is how people become slaves to these means of communication.
     When I was still in high school if you were somebody who was anybody then you would have had some sort of presence on HI5, Myspace or Tagged. Those were the three major contenders at the time. Today however the only one of those that is even slightly holding on is Myspace. Why? Well you could say this is attributed to the fact that Myspace was made with a musical foundation in mind. Many producers, rappers and the sort made or are currently making a name for themselves on this site this Myspace remains firm. However fast forward to the social networks of today and we see a completely different twist on things. We began with Facebook, it was the one that kicked the previous three to the curb. From Facebook however, grew Twitter, Tumblr, Google+ and a few more but they aren't really that important right now. Now these networks do more or less everything that the others did yet we've gravitated more to them now more than ever before.
     The reason is simple, we have become slaves to the Social Media. If you actually think about it you'll understand. Take Facebook for example, You can connect to friends you haven't seen or spoken to in years. This is possible more or less through the criteria you use to set up your profile. IE: Address, Email, School, Work etc. You also have the option of Multiple Photo Albums where you can tag your friends, where the photo was taken and the date. Twitter now is more geared towards Link sharing and building. More often than not people on twitter tend to follow based on the following criteria: "What you can do for me?" or "Here's what I can do for you". This is the case mostly with Music Producers, Photographers, Vloggers etc. Tumblr and Google+ are more or less the same.

     Apparently however these just weren't enough and so Instagram was born. All of a sudden everyone and I mean everyone has decided that they are high end Photographers or Professional Models and whatnot, posting every picture they take on a daily basis on Instagram. Sort of remind me of Twitter but with pictures instead of words. Why???? It was already possible to post pictures with Facebook was it not? You can update throughout the day on Twitter as well as on Facebook right? So what exactly makes Instagram all that and a bag of chips? Nothing really, people are just overly inquisitive. You can also attribute this success to people being easily manipulated or controlled. Think about it, when Instagram came out no one new about it right [Typical with new stuff I know]. All of a sudden however "Yoooo Follow me on Instagram #InstaFollow" [Where did the whole HashTag Thing come from??? Twitter of course]. Now we have people who have Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Google+, HI5 and Tagged [Yes people still use them], Myspace and the multiple other sites around posting statuses talking about "Follow Me on Instagram for a follow back # # #". Do you know there are even people out there who ask people to make an Instagram for the sole purpose of following them? I should know I've been asked to do this exact thing. Obviously I refused. I mean why should I? I already have you as a friend on my other networks, I'll use those to stay in touch.

     But does it stop there??? No, not at all, the "New Thing" nowadays is Path and Vine [I've seen the name being thrown around quite a bit but still know not what the sites look like or what they are about]. I will say however that one of them is basically another Instagram but for Videos. Not just any videos though, these videos are only 6 Seconds Long! You tell me now, don't I already have my trusty Youtube???? Where I have no limit on video length??? Why the hell do I need another network just so I can upload a 6 second video? Its absolutely pointless! As one of my good friends has said:
     Whatever you do DO NOT join "PATH" don't let anybody invite you to join that shit. Facebook & Instagram are snitching on you enough as it is. If you want your man, woman, baby-mama, baby daddy, side orders and THE GOVERNMENT to see your every move then go ahead and be my guest and join that shit.
     The Social Media Giants have enslaved you all, shackled you and tossed you into cages and in this way they have complete control over you. You know its actually quite simple what they do though, all they do is [to make money] they get in contact with the owners of upcoming networks and make certain deals. These deals basically stop them from adding certain features to their site but the little guy gets them instead and then when their site goes live you see the features you like the features you want the features then you eventually get the features by joining. So in this way you are thrown into a recurring loop. That's basically it. So think long and hard next time you decide to join a new Social Network, you're just giving people more and more opportunity to get into your business. Trust me no amount of privacy settings will help you. We are living in a technological generation they WILL find a way to bypass your settings.

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  1. You are spot on, but nobody notices or cares, and that's the problem, what social media has done is turn us all into rotten cabbages.


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