The Reasons For Reasons You Do Not or May Not Understand

I call back because I care.
Not to be annoying or look desperate, and hell if I'm desperate I'm just desperate for your love.

I fight with you because I'm allowed.
Nowhere in the world does it say I have to shut up and never express my feelings, disagreements are expected, how we handle them determines how long we're gonna make it.

I defend you because I want to, not because it's what is expected of me.
I didn't end up with you under any contracts, regulations, compromises, or settlements. I'm going to love you the way I want to, and that means protecting you by all means.

I ignore you because I don't want to blow up on you.
Not because I'm deliberately looking for ways to get back at you, and you KNOW that the silent treatment doesn't work very well with me, I always end up giving in to you.

I give up my nights, days, weekends, and everything in between.
Well, simple 'cause I love you. 



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