2010 My Year In Review

So ive seen others doing this and decided i want to do this too so here it goes......

I will start this off by Saying > > > "I will not do the same things i did this year, next year..... Or At Least TRY not to..."
My year was.......

Uninteresting ...(At least so i think). I mean all i really did was
  • Wake Up
  • Survive and then..
  • Back To Bed
I Repeated this process basically everyday #KanyeShrug. Just another Boring!! Year added onto to the 20 ive had before it >.>

Yeah I Said IT!!!!!

Now what have learned.....not much but here goes
1. Most (if not all) girl are bitches *waits for bottles to be flung*
>>> Story <<<
Once there was a little bird flying on a Cooooold Christmas Night. All of a sudden a gust of wind blew up and knocked the bird to the ground. The fall caused the bird to fall to the Cold Ground. A cow was grazing nearby and by some coincidence started to take a shit right where the bird was stranded. The Cow did its thing and walked off. Now the bird was at first disgusted but after awhile it noticed that the Shit was keeping it warm. This made the bird happy....the bird began to sing at the top of its voice (Birds can be loud when the want). A cat (coincidentaly again) was walking close by and heard the bird singing. The sound led the cat to the Shit where the bird was laying under. The cat dug out the bird and ate it
Which Brings me to point #2

2. Not Every One that SHITS on you is your Enemy, Not Everyone that gets you out of SHIT is your friend
and when your in Deep SHIT its better to shut your fucking mouth -_-

*goes for food*
I bet you were expecting number three right there ^ had to go get some thing to eat so number three is below

3. Not every pretty smile ad hot body can be trusted... (its not just since year ive learned this ive gotten quite a few lessons...but i keep forgetting for some reason :$ oh well )

4. Single has its Pros AND its cons (wont go into that right now)

5. Keyboard Cat is AWESOME!!!!
Ok maybe not THAT awesome but hey he is cool ^_^ *ehem*

6. Friends are always good to have just dont turn your back on some of them #SideEyes they stab you in the back #ImJustSayin

7. Love is a selfish bitch #ThatIsAll

8. I am a slight Alchoholic O_O

9. Blowjobs are the best things a woman can do with her mouth!!!!!!! *hides*

10. I Still Love Breasts Over Ass ANYDAY!!!! 

11. Short Girls are sexy >:)

um.....i dont know what else to add to this....first time (Im a Review Virgin) TEEHEE just popped my cherry ^_^ *clears throat*

Adios Arivaderchi Adieu Au Revoir TTFN Tata For Now to 2010

Hola 2011 
Sup Bitch???



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