Breast Laws

     Ok guys I am here again with another short post dealing with, yes you guessed correctly, Breasts. Now I am of the belief that women should be able to show their breast in the same way a man can walk around shirtless, and not be judged for it. Laws stipulate that a woman must be properly covered at all times, but who is to say that these laws are really relevant???
Can you really give me a reason as to why breasts are so "hated" that they should remained shrouded in the shadows of a bra???? What’s wrong with boobs anyway? Our culture demonizes, sexualizes, and stigmatizes what would otherwise be just another neutral body part. 


Rick Ross

     If you look at it from a technical aspect breasts are just protruding chunks of skin. No different from the skin on her stomach or navel area other than they carry a couple thousand more nerve endings. The way I see it, a woman’s body is a beautiful work of art, and it is her choice and her choice alone how much skin she wishes to show. Dehumanizing a woman and labelling her a “slut” or “whore” with no morals based on that choice is not a negative reflection on her, but on the bigot who is judging her. 

     The law preventing woman from doing what they want as it pertains to breasts is Gender Biased. If it remains that way then shouldn't males be subject to the same laws??? Suppose a man such a Rick Ross *shivers* appears???? Look at him??? This guy looks like he got breasts growing out doesnt he? HE should be forced to cover up. HE should be subject to the same law but hes not isnt he?? Looking at it from a different angle, what about the women who are flat chested???? What do the laws say about them??? Should they have to cover their chest area when they are not much different in the way they look from a male???? No, they shouldn't have to.

     Now with all that being said and done, I know for a fact that most of you who actually read this are gonna be like "But look at this likkle pervert bwoy" or something along those lines. I however do not see myself as such. I simply have a very deep appreciation for the female body. I said earlier that the female body is a work of art correct???  So why then would you want to keep a piece of art hidden??? Shouldn't it be shown so it can be appreciated???? Instead of being hidden and made taboo? I rest my case.

Bouncing Breasts

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