The Me I Used To Be

I look into the mirror I know what I see is me
But is it the me of now? Or the me I used to be
I see myself alone and yet I'm with my friends
My heart begins to groan for I foresee the end
Death is guaranteed life I know is not
So in the past I tried to be what the world required
And that's just what they got I saw myself a loser a boy without a future
I never thought I'd be anything more than a murderer
But as I look deeper within that life telling mirror
I see myself at home laying on my bed
My wife is right beside me on my chest she lays her head
I begin to wonder if this life is meant for me
But as I think further I'm brought back to reality
The visions I've just seen make me begin to ponder
How to achieve such bliss and cast my evil ways asunder
I cast away that burden as my mind begins to plea
I now know I'll never be the same but I can be whoever i want to be
So ill never again be the me I was but will become the me I'm destined to be

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  1. yuh tun poet pon top a blogger now?

  2. Ive been writing for years now lol, check the poem tag and you'll see a few that ive posted here before :D


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