Lockout (A Review)


     Welcome back one and all, I am here again with another movie review. This time we take a look at the movie Lockout. Though you should have realized that already from the title... Anyway, where do I begin??? Continue reading after the jump....
     Well, there isn't really much to say about this movie per-say other than the fact that it's "Science Fiction". So what is it about??? The movie takes place in space.... I'm sorry its a bit difficult to review, like I said, not much to really talk about....
     Okay lets try this again... A certain man -Snow- gets wrongfully accused of a murder which he didn't commit (a bit cliché isn't it) and is sentenced to 30 years in cryo-stasis in a High Security Prison located in space. His jail time is however cut short, as he has to instead go to the prison not as an inmate but as a man on a rescue mission. The person he just so happens to be saving is the presidents daughter. Awesome right?? Anyway the plot thickens or liquefies depending on how you look at it, and they manage to make it off this floating prison. 

The Good and The Bad

     Now here is where I say all the things I didn't like. This is supposedly a Sci-Fi movie set in the future right? In the year 2079 to be exact... So why then do I see futuristic bikes but yet they still use modern day weapons? If your'e going to go Sci-Fi then you might as well go all the way and be done with it. Some of the actors sucked, and that's putting it nicely. This next little tidbit happened almost at the end of the movie when they finally left the prison. Now i've never been to space before *adds to bucket list* but from what I have seen in documentaries and other movies prior, when someone jumps out of a ship in space they don't start falling... they typically move in which ever direction they were moving when they leave their solid footing. Next thing is I don't believe it is possible for two people to re-enter the earth's atmosphere in space suits. Bad enough that they re-entered that way, after re-entry they discard said suit in free-fall??? If THAT wasn't bad enough they wore parachute inside the suits???? Come on, really??? There are a few other things I noticed but I wont really delve into them right now. 
     Moving along, there WERE some good moment albeit not much. My favourite part of the movie had to be the beginning though where they were interrogating Snow. Here's a clip.....



     Tell me that wasn't a great way to start the movie??? Sadly it doesn't really get that much better than this, but hey it WAS a great five minutes :D right?? Overall it has a little bit of "re-watch-ability". I myself may find myself watching it again someday who knows. They could have done so much better with it, but such is life. So with all that said and done how do I rate this movie????

Graphics: 9/10
Humor: 7/10 (Im nice)
Plot: 7/10 (Had a few holes in it)
Acting: 8/10


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